Nepal´s Awesome Northwest

Portrait of people and landscapes in the forgotten region of Humla




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This photo book allows insights into the lives of people in Humla, situated in the largely unknown Northwest of Nepal. Photographs in black and white, accompanied by concise and touching texts on life in Humla, underline the rugged beauty of the people and landscape of the “Hidden Himalayas”.


Elisabeth Horak-Auer and Walter Auer

Elisabeth Horak-Auer (pediatrician) and Walter Auer (lawyer) live and work in Innsbruck. Their hobbies include traveling to foreign countries, where not only landscape and culture but also meeting local people are at the center of their interest. In 2012 Elisabeth was invited to Humla by Nepal Trust Austria, an Austrian NGO, to provide medical care for several weeks to pediatric patients in the sparsely equipped hospital in Simikot ( In addition, there was some time for excursions in the region and encounters outside the hospital.

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